• If you can dream it, you can create it!
Welcome to Agave Mood

Agave Mood was born in 2021 when Dejanira Dávila, a dynamic Mexican living abroad, had the idea of ​​representing her roots with original, authentic and natural products that tell her own story in a new place.

Products that have gone from an idea to a dream come true, like Agave Mood.

Frida Kahlo Sunglasses & Eyewear

It is an honor and fills me with pride to have the Frida Kahlo line, designed and inspired by such a talented and iconic Mexican artist.
Each design with details that make them unique, range of colors, structure and all with their "UV" polarized lens.
Also the different designs full of details from the eyewear collection, frames that are ready to receive your formula (medical prescription).
A high quality line.

A Frida Kahlo Sunglass for you!

Designs inspired by the life of Frida Kahlo

A Frida Kahlo Eyewear for you!

Ready to receive your ophthalmic formula!
Hats Made in Mexico
Handmade by Mexican artisans

Our line of Mexican Hats, the diversification of colors and accessories allows us to create unique pieces, painted and handmade, with unique designs that will undoubtedly make you look incredible.
The fine palm collection will be the perfect combination for a sunny day.
The suede collection, distinguished by its elegance and exclusive designs, that will steal glances.


The imagination in Agave is still more alive than ever and this time we show off with these beautiful brooches made of fabric, with rhinestone details that can be used with any of your clothes or as a hair brooch. Each piece is made with love, as well as unique hand-painted pieces. This line is also made by Mexican hands.

Broche Honor


Broche Tela Satin


Broche Star


Broche Bee


Broche Silver


Broche Gloss


Broche Shiny


Broche Lotto

Bronzers with 100% natural extracts

The best line of suntan lotions, with 100% natural extract ingredients, such as avocado, coconut oil and carrot extract, among others. Moisturizes and softens your skin while giving you a golden tan.

The most wonderful !

Available in 4 different solar filters for each type of skin.

We have a bronzer for you!

You can choose a sunscreen with a different solar factor, which suits the needs of your skin.